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Evergreen University is a spiritual education program from Evergreen Church designed to deepen your spiritual understanding. Classes are offered on a rotating basis from September through May. Some classes may require a fee and pre-registration. Check for any current classes being offered on our announcements page HERE.




Our online courses are a collection of video, audio and written materials designed to help you grow at your own pace.

  • Basics

    Video collection

    “Basics” is a set of ten videos that cover the most essential topics that every Christian needs to know in order to grow. These brief videos are perfect for small groups, personal learning, or used as a tool to help disciple other people. Each video has accompanying downloadable notes.


    Pre-Marriage Class

    Video collection

    If you aren't able to attend a  pre-marriage class, you can watch a previously recorded one here. Ask the pre-marriage class teachers for the password to view these videos.


    Sexuality Resources

    God's Great Gift of Sex

    This is a great four-week series giving an overview of sex outside of marriage, homosexuality and abortion. It is good starting point to understand the biblical foundations of sexuality and how being outside of God’s perfect plan ruins people, families and society. By Mark Bowen, pastor, Evergreen Church-Lakeville.

    Pure Intimacy

    From Focus on the Family comes an informative web site dealing with pornography and addiction, homosexuality, God’s design for sex and how to protect your family. Designed for singles, married couples, parents, and ministry leaders. Pure intimacy: Recovering the heart of sexuality.

    RAVI ZACHARIAS VIDEO: The Christian View of Homosexuality

    Ravi is one of the great Christian thinkers and communicators of our time. Watch this 11 minute video as he responds to this question: “How do you respond to nonbelievers who accuse Christians of being hateful to people who support lifestyles of people that are not according to the precepts of our faith?”

    The Consequences of Unrighteousness, Part 2 (Romans 1:24-32)

    Pastor Mitch Majeski (a dear friend of Brent Knox) offers a brilliant examination of Romans 1:24-32. This passage is an equal-opportunity offender for the licentious and the legalist. Pastor Mitch answers questions about homosexuality with the truth and compassion of the gospel, which gives hope to how we respond to this issue — for both Christians and those struggling with same-sex attraction.

  • Building Convictions

    Video collection

    “Building Convictions” is a set of videos featuring Herschel Martindale. With more than 50 years of experience founding national and international churches and training ministry leaders, Herschel brings a depth of teaching mixed with practical application. Herschel presents fifty different convictions that ought to be embedded into every Christian’s life. “Building Convictions” is like systematic theology on a very practical and understandable level, aimed to changed lives. Video lengths vary from 18-30 minutes.


    Spiritual Gifts


    Have you wondered what Evergreen's position is on certain spiritual gifts like hearing from God, prophecy, miracles, healing and speaking in tongues? Christians have varying beliefs on these important topics. It is our belief that we can worship gladly together even though there may be differing views on these topics in our church. This is a four-week seminar with questions and answers. 


    Compassionate Convictions

    Why Love Needs To Know Right from Wrong

    Jesus both loved and judged rightly. He forgave the prostitute, yet told her, “Go, and sin no more.” This world needs representatives of Jesus who also have deep convictions, yet display great compassion. How can we stand for what is right, yet have our convictions flow from compassion? This message series touches on the explosive issues like tolerance, government, the definition of marriage, homosexuality, abortion, etc. 








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