Biblical Resources

About Baptism

Find out what the Bible says about baptism; what it is, what it means and how and why we should be baptized.

Bible Q & A

Some common questions about the Bible.

Bible Reading Plans

There is a Bible reading plan that fits any person, with any style, and with any amount of margin! Over 20 different Bible reading plans are listed in this Word document.

Evergreen U

Evergreen University is a spiritual education program from Evergreen Church that is completely on-line. It is a collection of video, audio and written materials designed to help you grow.  This includes the "Basics" series by Brent Knox, "Building Convictions" by Herschel Martindale and the "Fit to be Tied" video series.

How to Know God Personally

Take this four-step journey to peace with God. Then see how you can make Him part of your life.

"Just Sow It" Evangelism Resources

Do you have a desire to reach your friends, relatives, co-workers, and neighbors with the good news of Jesus Christ—but you don’t know what to do or say? This resource is designed to help and motivate you.


Various assessments and tests about deacons, elders and spiritual gifts.





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